University Representatives

All Souls College A view of the inside of All Souls College taken from the spire of the University Church of St Mary the Virgin.© Greg Smolonski / University of Oxford Images

Institutional Representatives

Institutional Representatives are designated by officials of the college or university to guide the applicants through the process of applying for the Rhodes Scholarships.  Institutional Representatives have direct communication with the Office of the American Secretary and are listed on our website.  Updates may be sent to

Unlike some scholarship schemes, Rhodes Institutional Representatives do not have online access to applications.

Institutional Endorsements

In addition to referee letters, the Rhodes Scholarship requires an institutional endorsement.  Institutional endorsements should be supplied by the president, a dean or a designated officer such as the person responsible for graduate fellowships.  

Renewed encouragement to do second BAs at Oxford

Applying for the 2018 Rhodes Scholarships